Some information about The Draw Line and its owner, Erica Lee. If you have any questions or a concerns, feel free to contact me.

The Site: The Draw Line

Truth be told, I never wanted to make anime/manga related layouts again. But a most beloved friend, Yoshi of 3 Paradox, told me that she always liked my anime/manga related designs and I remember telling her that I'll open a sub-site to Junk&Trash that focuses mainly on anime/manga. The Draw Line is the product.

As for the origins of the site title, there are none. I put "draw" and "line" together and this is it.

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The Layout: Version I - Alone Again

The only graphic part of this layout is the banner: the wonderful artwork is by Iwaoka Hisae from the manga, Shiroi Kumo, while the scans are from the scanlation site Storm in Heaven and as for the textures, they're from the wonderful resources of FEEL Resources, and the coloring is done by myself.

The version title, Alone Again, denotes the loneliness of the girl that can be seen in her expression. In Shiroi Kumo, Iwaoka Hisae created a short story about the desolate feeling of loss and loneliness and the little twinkle of hope that two fates will cross again.

The Owner: Webmistress

Seeing as that the name, Erica Lee, is displayed pratically everywhere on this site, there's not a real point into introducing myself properly now is there? However, being a polite young lady as I am, I will properly introduce myself.

Hello, my name is Erica Lee and I'm an artist and an eager writer that dances ballet. My age shall not be unveiled yet there is not a reason why I should conceal it nor is my current living place and condition of any sort of concern for you. Although I would gladly describe the climate and terrain of where I live: I am located where a mass production of light is the highlight of everyday coupled with nil to very little rainfall. At times it is reddening hot and at other peculiar times it is as cold as the moon's shadow. Well, not so exaggerated but it works.

Other than my living situation, which wasn't actually explained, I am aspiring to become an Illustrator and quite possibly observing writing as a hobby.

My personality is horrid, as most would say, I'm blunt and straightfoward yet I'll be timid and docile when needed. I'm described by many of my friends as "nice but mean" which really explains a whole lot and controversy isn't in play. Sarcasm is embedded into my nature and sarcastic humor makes the most of my conversations. Athleticism is a bit of my forte and ballet is the art. Reading compiles most of my days and free hours works such of which are Jane Austen, Roald Dahl, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Stephen King, Elie Wiesel, John Irving and other chosen works. Another hobby that occupies my free time is web designing, it is a joyous task indeed.

So thus is said about me and thus it shall stay until I deem it a false caricature of Erica Lee.