If you are interested in affiliation, e-mail me with your name and website address and I'll be sure to get back to you regardless of the response. Please note, however, that I only affiliate with other domains, collectives, and/or portfolios containing similar material to that of

Kyuu of
Kyuu and I have been affiliated, designing together, and great friends for a decade now. The running joke is that we're the original cannon couple of the net. On a serious note though, she is a superb designer and truly phenomenal friend. We love to gush over our current fandoms with one another and spam each other's social media accounts. We also run Invisus Designs and Ever Vain together.
Li of
Li and I have been acquainted for several years, and her designs and vision cease to amaze me. Not only a talented designer, she's plenty sweet and overly considerate. Like everything with this girl, I cannot wait to see what she cooks up next.
Vermillion of
Vermillion and I met several years back when I designed a few custom layouts for her. Nowadays, I'm constantly amazed and impressed by her growing design skills and gorgeous websites. She's also one of the most kickass girls you could meet and has some of the greatest tweets and Tumblr posts (definitely worth following). © 2013 Rykea. All rights reserved.
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